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rolf leonhardt
lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of the progressive rockband toolate
1988-1990 Forgotten Sons 1991-1993 Lord Sinclair 1993-1994 The Band / Phantomania 1994- TooLate
Winner of the Hughes & Kettner-Price in 1992 with Lord Sinclair! Producer “any way insight of time” by TooLate 1999! Founder of TooLateRECORDS 2000! "TooLate - Hymn (Cover version of Barclay James Harvest's classic) 2001 [Available on "Barclay James Harvest - everyone is everybody else" please visit] Producer “Back to Baghdad” by TooLate 2003! "TooLate - under fire" (Title track for the film SEK'N by Dynamic-Pictures) 2003 "Lord Sinclair - beauty of a thousand dreams" 2004 "TooLate - one night" (Cover version of a wicked Barclay James Harvest song] 2004 [Available on "Barclay James Harvest - Tribute II" please visit] Producer “The Early Years” by Rolf Leonhardt 2005! Producer “IMAGINATION WORKS” by TooLate 2010!
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